Online Pilates Classes

Pilates is a physical fitness system developed by Joseph Pilates in the early twentieth century and is an effective way to help build core strength or recover from injury.  We now offer virtual classes to help work around a busy lifestyle.

Virtual Pilates

Introducing virtual pilates

Pilates is practiced around the world and is suitable for all body types and fitness levels, seeking to strengthen all areas of the body with a particular focus on core and alignment.  I have a library of online classes that you can watch at your leisure.

Discover more about our virtual classes.

The Benefits

I encourage my clients to work at a level suitable for them, it is easy to scale the exercises up and down as ability progresses and within the videos I offer guidance as to how you can flex your workout, depending upon how you are feeling that day.  Benefits of Pilates can include: 

Strengthens and tones all muscles in the body.

Alleviates back pain and strengthens muscles in the back.

Increases mobility and flexibility of the spine.

Improves posture and alignment in the body.

Improve strength to support other sports eg: golf, running, tennis, etc

Helps to bring an overall sense of wellbeing to the mind.

Packages and Pricing

Virtual Membership:

Join one of our virtual classes Monday to Saturday mornings plus unlimited access to all live and on-demand classes to watch at your leisure.

Please note: Full terms and conditions apply and at least one month’s notice is required to terminate your place. In the above pricing, we have allowed for holiday and bank holiday allowance to even out payments across the year. 

What our clients say:

I’ve been working with Laura for a few months now and can highly recommend her classes. I used to suffer with lower back pain but since doing Pilates that seems to have gone! My favourite online class is the half-hour ‘Energiser’ in the morning – it helps wake up my muscles and is a nice gentle stretch to get my body moving.’ 

  Lynn Higginson-Carter

“I love Laura’s daily online classes – particularly because there’s a real mix of classes to choose from. My current favourite is ‘Stretch and Breathe’. Laura’s a great teacher and her helpful commentary always ensures I’m doing the exercises correctly.


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