Fitness Trends for 2022

Over the last few years things have been tough, with many of us facing unprecedented challenges.  Mental and physical wellbeing continues to be a big focus for businesses and individuals alike as we move forward into 2022.  As a result of experiences post the pandemic, we are seeing a shift in people’s habits, not just in the work place and socially, but also in the way they take exercise.  With this shift in mind, we are seeing many changes on the horizon for the fitness industry: 

Wearable Technology

Technology has seen huge advances in being able to track people’s health and fitness levels.  With devices such as a Fitbit, Apple watch or even your phone now tracking the steps that you take.  Health insurance companies are also taking this one step further, if you are able to demonstrate that you are fit, well and healthy there are discounts and advantages to be had on the premiums you pay.

Exercising at home

This is a big step change.  At the beginning of lock down we saw a huge transition in the way that people take exercise, we had to be creative.  With people like Joe Wicks offering children a virtual PE lesson every morning online – it changed the way that we think about exercise.  I also was able to pivot the business and set up our online Pilates membership club.  Whilst some have also returned to in person classes, this online provision has been hugely successful as it offers my clients a way to exercise at a time that suits them from the convenience of their own home.  They can also join live lessons as well so still enjoy the community aspect of the class.   

Outdoor Activities

We know that being outside in nature, is one of the core pillars of our wellbeing and helps to build resilience.  It can help to calm us during times of stress.  As a keen golfer I really enjoy taking some time play 9-holes on the golf course, pause and reflect.  If you are also a golfer, play tennis, football or enjoy another sport, Pilates can be a great way of building your core strength and maintaining balance.  Whilst we don’t yet offer outdoor Pilates classes, watch this space as this is definitely something to consider as the weather gets a little warmer.

Pilates update in the UK

Pilates and yoga is currently seeing huge growth in popularity and uptake across the UK, with the industry hitting revenues of over £926 m in 2020 (+6%) from the year before (£875m).  Not surprising as the benefits of Pilates include increased core strength, balance, coordination,  helping to manage stress and pain.

If you would like to understand how Pilates can help to keep you fit and healthy this year, please get in touch to discover more about our online membership or friendly in person group classes.

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